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Il grande caffe’ italiano: Torino

“A Torino potrete assaggiare un caffe’ che sembra fatto in paradiso”…non lo dico io ma gli autori di questo video, e’ in inglese, ma chi non capira’ potra’ comunque godere delle stupende immagini.


English version:
This transformed region started it’s days as Italy’s industrial centre to now being a centre for modern art and the home to the 2006 Winter Olympics.

With Celtic origins and a past that includes it’s role as defensive Roman camping ground, Turin is now a city with a young vibrant coffee culture that has undergone radical change.

Home to the house of Savoy, a noble family who settled the city and constructed many of the landmark buildings, Turin’s café’s have long been nurturing grounds for intellectuals, writers and poets to meet and discuss ideas. However they also functioned as places for and social and political development, and in times of conflict authorities knew they only needed to head to the coffee temples to discover the peoples mood and thoughts.

Providing 60% of Italy’s coffee needs, this city is home to one of the most major coffee labels, who not only process the beans, but run education courses on coffee and constantly explore new and exiting ways to enjoy it. However people here take coffee seriously more seriously than just a drink, and consider it a way of staying together, this being most evident in the way particular coffee blends are referred to personally as “my coffee”. This philosophy is further evident in Turin’s cocoa creations, and the attention applied to the process of creating drinking chocolate and coffee combinations.

Being one of Europe’s finest baroque cities, hear why Turin is Italian renaissance at it’s very best, and boasts coffee that tastes like it was made in heaven.

(fonte Youtube)


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